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Free Standing Bike Rack

The free standing bike rack is a very popular bike storage idea today. 

Here are suppliers we have found that offer the free standing bike rack for great prices.

You will learn how a free standing bike rack works here and what makes it such a valuable piece of equipment for bike owners seeking modern, space saving storage ideas.

The free standing bike rack will not only provide a great storage solution but it will guarantee the safety and security of your bicycle.

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Parking and storage is indeed a big problem these days, be it your car or your bike. Just as you need to park you car safely, similarly you need to ensure that your bike is secure when not in use.

Now you may find it difficult to come across a suitable place where you can keep your bike safely.  Why not carry your parking device with you wherever you go.

Free standing bike racks are here to help you get rid of all your parking woes. One thing that is common to both bikes and free standing bike racks is mobility and that is probably the reason why they are gradually becoming popular.

As is evident from its name, a free standing bike rack can be used without any support. This implies that you need not fix it with a wall or attach it to the ground. The structure comprises a vertical stand attached with a couple or more arms. These arms are of a standard size and therefore can accommodate almost any kind of bike.

The free standing bike rack is usually made of steel and has a smooth and lasting epoxy finish.
The base of some of the free standing bikes is made up of parallel rails that are placed at a certain gap and are connected to each other through a common link. 

A couple of poles rise from the base of the rack and extend well beyond the length of a bike.

These poles are connected to each other with the help of gusset plates.


A bike can be suspended from the free standing bike rack through one of its wheels. At this point the entire weight of the bike acts towards the base of the rack.

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The bikes can be attached to these racks in a way that they require minimum ground space. One bike can be mounted on top of the other. If you are thinking that the whole thing may collapse within minutes, then hold on. Some of the free standing bike racks can be used to securely attach four bikes at a time.
The best thing about some of the free standing bike racks is that they can be dismantled and stored in parts when not in use.

You can also carry them wherever you go and re-assemble the parts to get your bike rack back again.

Though this type of indoor bike rack is mostly made of steel, they may also be made of thermoplastic or stainless steel. In any case it is important to check the material well before you buy it. There are chances that the bike racks will be exposed to extreme weather conditions and therefore should be durable enough.  Moreover it should look distinctly different and innovative from any other bike rack.

By attaching your bike to the freestanding bike rack, you can ensure the safety of your bike.  No one can open its lock and take it away. Also the racks protect the frame and the wheels of the bike as well as they are mostly equipped with a cable or a U-shaped lock.

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